Why 24/7 data center support and monitoring is essential

March 06, 2018 | Data Center and Cloud

Ensure your IT team reviews the support and monitoring options available in your vendor’s data center. Don’t wait until the middle of a meltdown to discover you should have asked about those remote hands.


Which data center tools will align with your operational practices? Will those make it possible to resolve short term system maintenance issues and an all-call emergency with the same level of excellence?  


Understand how your team operates during both planned services and emergency interventions. Each milestone in your process should mirror the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system. Why re-work your process to fit their structures if the gap between is too wide?  

  • What archiving/backup services are offered?
  • If your team can’t make it to the data center, what are the options for support?
  • How responsive is the data center team?  Do they have customer metrics on this?
  • How robust are their contact channels (SMS, chat, email or phone)?
  • How detailed is their SLA (Service Level Agreement)? Is there a copy for review?
  • What’s the ticket system like? How is it handled from initiation through escalation and resolution?  Is it 24/7/365?  

If this is your first time through a data center vendor selection process, pick the brains of an expert for guidance.  


Finally, what on-site amenities are available for your IT team - beyond the requisite monitors and working tables? Private conference areas, lounge space and kitchen amenities can make their stay more enjoyable. 


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