Tech to Look for in 2017

January 20, 2017 | Technology

2017 is here and that means new and exciting technology is on the horizon. If you’re interested in growing your business, or just looking to see what’s coming in the near future, look no further. Below, you’ll find some of the most ground breaking advances in technology you won’t want to miss. Whether your business is just starting out or has been a leader for decades, it’s important to keep an eye on new innovative trends.


Incredibly High Capacity Flash Storage

The benefits of flash storage over traditional hard drives for data centers are staggering. Flash is faster, takes up less space, lasts longer due to the absence of moving parts, and is much easier to recover if a power outage occurs. Right, now 15 TB is the most you can get (which is massive), but by next year, expect to see flash storage as high as 60 TB – that’s 60,000 Gigabytes.


It’s not known just yet how much something like this will cost, but it goes without saying it won’t be cheap. While this will most likely be out of most people’s budget, it shows the potential of flash storage to come. Here’s hoping for high capacity solid state drives at affordable prices in the near future.


Imagine the space saving benefits of this type of storage for a data center. What would now require rows and rows of towers could be reduced to just one or two servers. Sure, the initial cost is high, but in the long run the potential for saving money on cooling and maintenance could be through the roof. Certainly, it will be part of the progression in a tiered storage architecture.


AI and Energy Solutions

What was once reserved for science fiction is becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry. Advancements in artificial intelligence are rapidly improving and many organizations are latching on quickly, especially in the realm of energy utilization.


It’s no secret that data centers consume massive amounts of energy. One of the main culprits is the process of cooling. Servers get tremendously hot and to keep them working efficiently, equipment such as pumps, chillers, and cooling towers need to be running constantly to keep temperatures regulated. Not only is this expensive to maintain, it’s not doing any favors for the environment.


Here’s where AI comes in.


By using machine learning to manage the use of power in data centers, Google has been able to reduce energy consumption for cooling by as much as 40 percent with the acquisition of DeepMind AI. By the end of 2017, they plan on running on 100% renewable energy and by utilizing AI, they’ll be able to manage this infrastructure much more effectively.


How does this work?


Instead of relying on pre-programmed scripts to regulate cooling, DeepMind is able to find the most efficient methods in real time by analyzing data from various sensors throughout the servers. It’s also able to predict future PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) so changes can be made well in advance.

While it’s hard to say what AI will bring to the table in 2017, it seems that the sky’s the limit. You’ll definitely want to keep your eyes peeled for new innovations from DeepMind and others in the AI industry. The next big thing could be right around the corner.


The Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s almost impossible to go anywhere without seeing something connected to the internet. Whether it’s a smartphone, a watch, the dashboard of a car, or even Bluetooth enabled prosthetics, it seems like everything is online somehow.


While this brings some incredible advancements in technology, it also means those in the tech industry are going to have some beefing up to do. Sure IoT is still in its infancy, but it’s quickly growing. There’s no telling what 2017 will bring, but it’s crucial to be prepared.


With virtually everything gathering and sending out information, data centers are going to need to increase storage capabilities quite a bit. Not only that, but security will need to be equal to this exponential task. With all this new data coming and going, it will be more important than ever to ensure malware and ransomware are carefully monitored and prevented from accessing sensitive data, as well as the integrity of the network.


The Future is Now

With the dawn of a new year, it’s amazing to look back at our current technology and think how much everything will soon change. Incredible things are going to happen – some good, some not – and those of us in the tech industry need to keep an eye on.