Questions to ask about data center redundancy

March 04, 2018 | Data Center and Cloud

Let’s face it, every plug, wire, power source, network and diesel engine is a redundancy target. How far down the vendor’s data center’s chain do you duplicate to ensure you’ve covered every contingency with your next data center vendor?


Easy – focus on the big, important stuff.  


Let’s put it this way. If a data center component, say a disk drive, goes down, does it result in a catastrophic failure of the network, with data lost in space? No? Then move along.


The data center likely has a workable management plan for the small stuff. If you have the extra time, hey, go ahead and review it… after you sweat the big stuff. Look for items such as a critical switch, cooling fan or the main power pipeline to be included on the list of essential redundancy.  


Check out all avenues for quick recovery. Many times these questions thin down the data center candidate list. What about Veeam availability? How ‘virtual’ are their virtuals? Is there a WAN failover solution?


What can your business tolerate? Do the math on the vendor’s availability rate:


Hours (per year: 8,760) x Availability % = Expected # of Hours/Year Downtime

                                             (Reliability Rate)


Does this number compute? Does it meet your 5 9's target (or 4? or 3?) If you have mission critical data requirements, consider reducing your risk and increasing your uptime with fully redundant N+1 coverage for nearly 100% up-time access. 


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