TelNet's Static SIP Trunking Now Mitel Certified

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SMS_Mitel_SIP_Leader_Hubspot_CG (1)We all know and love SIP Trunking, right? It’s the modern telecommunication method that allows business phone systems to operate through an internet connection rather than the antiquated copper phone lines in vogue decades ago. Thanks to greater flexibility, scalability and straightforward application deployment, TelNet’s SIP Trunking solution allows you to harness the power and productivity of IP telephony and ensure your business is functioning properly.


You may have thought it couldn’t get any better...


Well, we’re pleased to announce that TelNet is now certified to support Mitel’s MiVoice Business 9.0 and MiVoice Office 250 6.3 SP1 with our Static SIP Trunking using the MiVoice Border Gateway. This certification ascertains that our service passed the performance and quality assurance tests of various qualification requirements, and that it underwent interoperability testing with Mitel IP-PBX equipment, ensuring system compatibility prior to installation.



If that all sounded rather nebulous to you, think about it this way: in the sandbox of telecommunications, our SIP Trunking service is guaranteed to play nice with Mitel’s IP-PBX equipment. They’re certifiably compatible best friends.


But what does this interoperability friendship bracelet mean for you? Well, dear customer, it is a promise of seamless connectivity and zero headaches. But let’s dive in to the specifics: First and foremost, the certification serves as validation that our SIP Trunking is interoperable with your Mitel PBX equipment, maximizing the quality, reliability and functionality of your existing Mitel phone system. Plus, the certification application notes provide detailed instructions for easy vendor setup of our SIP Trunks, allowing minimal impact on your regularly scheduled business activities.


Aside from that, you now have the ability to research the portfolio of Mitel’s third-party partner products and solutions before making a purchasing decision. This way, you can confirm the availability of an interoperable partner product that meets your business requirements, as well as take advantage of TelNet’s competitive SIP Trunking pricing.


All in all, this Mitel Interop Certification allows us to empower your business to optimize connectivity, enhance productivity and keep more money in that proverbial pocket.


If you're a Mitel-Certified agent, let's add TelNet's services to your offerings. If you're a business owner who's already acquired Mitel's PBX equipment, let's talk about maximizing your investment! 


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