Podcast: TelNet Creating a Compelling Customer Experience


Listen in as Mark Iannuzzi and Doug Green from Telecom Reseller discuss TelNet's involvement in the Cloud Communication Alliance (CCA) and how they help further the interests of all providers.


“Our passion was to be part of a wave of change and choice,” says Mark Iannuzzi, President of TelNet. Today, Iannuzzi describes a TelNet that is part of a digital transformation, and a leader in offering innovations, choice and “differentiated value”. In this podcast Iannuzzi offers a wide-ranging perspective of how the market has evolved and how TelNet has helped customers in the migration process. “We try to pave a lane, which is almost like a stack,” says Iannuzzi is creating customized migration paths, utilizing a “pantry of services”.


Iannuzzi discusses what he calls the symbiotic stack, a three-layer stack, consisting of offering an “amazing” selection of cloud based applications, utilizing an amazing robust and secure infrastructure and an amazing network. Iannuzzi sees these as the three elements of the cloud economy and sees TelNet’s long-term posture as being able deliver customer needs on all three, as needed. “We really want to deliver great customer experiences.”


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