Identifying your power needs and potential growth when choosing a data center

March 05, 2018 | Data Center and Cloud

“You are my density…”


It would be a dream come true if we could go back in time and hit reset on the predicted data capacity requirements for the future. Just think of how genius we’d look today if we could rewrite them with what we REALLY needed!


Ain’t going to happen. Close the DeLorean’s gull wings, Biff.  


Perfect technology projections are a moving target. Don’t believe it? Recall those forecasts calling for 20kW per rack or more. Reality? Today’s deployed density rates are 5-8kW per rack and 16kW at the high end.


Some estimates missed the mark due to IT technology improvements. However, tradeoffs between density and cost of the power and cooling have also been a factor. Scaling up requires resources; more layers of redundancy, power configurations and robust security levels.


Review a potential data center with these things in mind. There will be operational performance and price factors.  


How will they mitigate fluctuations in utility prices? What’s their thinking on building out density vs. keeping power costs down? Is there a proactive plan in place to provide the strategy? How will security management manage the space as it grows? Will they separate by capacity or default to measuring watts/square foot?  


Also ask to see if the cooling and refrigeration units are inside or outside the data hall. Note if the cooling is with fresh or free air. If it’s fresh, what type of air scrubbers are in use?


Due diligence will pay off with a vendor who will hold both the power needs and costs steady. At least until those flux capacitors come on line. 


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