Finding a data center to meet your connectivity needs

March 01, 2018 | Data Center and Cloud

There are two flavors of connectivity to consider in your next data center vendor; one for the pipeline of data, the other for keeping it running. Let’s focus on the first and ponder power connections another time.


Trust us, everyone has bandwidth to sell. Price is a non-issue. Speed and flexibility drive a data center’s connectivity value proposition.


Look at the operator networks. Unreliable networks can put the hurt on how your data gets through the Web and back to the servers. Price fixes this pain.  


Your information is going to get bigger, not smaller over time. Guaranteed where/how it is consumed will change as well. If location and operator networks are engineered for easy expansion now, future modifications for data flow will be agony-free.  


Consider the data center location as well. The shorter the distance, the less of an issue latencies and higher transfer performance rates will be.


How many carriers are connected at the facility? Can you interconnect with the same fabric? Don’t assume automatic compatibility with your favorite provider. How many points of entry are there? If your carrier isn’t represented, what’s the process to get them hooked in?


Big bonus points, by the way, if they also have more than a few partnerships offering adaptable plug-and-play connection services. Carriers who get this strategy can dangle attractive value added services to differentiate themselves, making you look like a savvy buyer. 


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