Does your data center have a disaster recovery plan?

March 07, 2018 | Data Center and Cloud

You need a serious disaster recovery plan AND so does your data center vendor. Review theirs first. Start with questions:  If one of the data closets is compromised, can the data center maintain 100% operation? What’s their frequency of disaster recovery drills? How do they utilize cloud services in their planning? What backup services are available? How does their plan align with yours and where are the gaps? Is their disaster documentation a living entity or a static file in a cabinet? Can you be on site when they run a training scenario?


Check network capabilities. Can you bond together multiple pipes and push out a fail-safe solution to prevent downtime?


Consider running a tandem disaster recovery scenario with your chosen data center. Test for validity and train from the results. Build several annual test runs to ensure the plan is fail-proof.


When you’re finished with a disaster recovery test, document, document, document! If something didn’t work, fix it. If you are missing a piece of technology, get it. There is no rational argument for skimping on availability. The economic consequences on your business if you go forward with a sub-par recovery plan are exponential, not linear.


Your customers expect you to do everything possible to keep their business running under any circumstance. 


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