Cut Costs with Unified Communications

January 19, 2017 | Unified Communications

As a business owner, finding ways to cut costs without sacrificing productivity is a constant pursuit. More than likely you’ve looked into dozens of solutions that seem like they could work, but taking the leap isn’t easy.


In your searches, you’ve probably come across unified communications - maybe even considered implementing it for your business - but the idea of spending money on a new communication infrastructure seems like cash better spent elsewhere.


Well, believe it or not, your company could actually save money by switching to a unified communications system. What’s more, setup is simple and the learning curve is minimal.


What are the benefits?

  • Cut down on travel expenses, work around conflicting schedules and increase productivity.
  • Have you ever needed to set up a last minute meeting, but the logistics just weren’t in your favor? Getting everyone in the same place can be time-consuming and costly, but with unified communications, you can create a virtual meeting place where people can participate from anywhere, even if they’re on the other side of the globe.
  • Having all of your communication platforms managed through a single system not only makes maintenance and troubleshooting easier, it increases team productivity by making collaboration from any location a breeze.


Always Connected
  • Eliminating wasted time and resources is always a plus. With unified communications you can take your already existing technologies (phone, video and instant messaging) and package them together in one system that works through your VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system.
  • With unified communications and VoIP, your system can show everyone’s availability in real-time. This means no more phone tag and waiting around for a response. Quickly see who’s in a meeting, offsite or on vacation.


Mobile Optimization
  • It’s rare these days for a professional to be confined to their office. Being constantly on the go, it’s crucial to stay in the loop and be available for anything that comes up.
  • This is where unified communications really excels. The ability to connect with your team from whatever device is most convenience at any given time streamlines collaboration. What’s more, you’ll save money by limiting the need for multiple products that don’t sync with one another.
  • By having a single interface that can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or PC, interactions are simpler and productivity is maximized.


Lower costs and streamline workflow

The New Year is here and if you’re still not sure about unified communications, it’s time to take the leap.


Using the technology you already have, you can increase productivity, reduce wasted time and ultimately save money by integrating all of your communication tools into a single system. Make communication between co-workers, business partners and clients easier by virtually expanding your workplace to anywhere your business takes you.


It’s time to make things simpler for you and your customers. It’s time to cut ties with outdated systems and embrace unified communications.